About Maatram

Welcome to Maatram Educational and Charitable Trust!

It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you the Maatram Educational and Charitable Trust. We are a group of friends whose ideal in life is to help where we can, how we can and whenever we can. This help is focussed towards the poor and the needy who live among us within our society and endeavours to bring about a change in their life - a "MAATRAM".

This is a organisation run by volunteers who are sincere and well established professionals and who are interested to see that every bit of donations reach the needy and brilliant students, without which, they would have perished in the darkness of the Social abyss.

We are extremely gratefull for your kindness and the generosity of your donation. With your kind co-operation and support we are Locating bright and needy students from the rural areas and arranging to give them financial assistance for higher studies. Provides food, shelter, clothing and medical aid coupled with love and affection for old age People.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help deprived children and young adults escape a background of poverty, slum life, illiteracy, and ignorance thereby creating opportunities for their integration into mainstream society.

The ultimate goal for Maatram is to provide to all its participants, the knowledge and skills for dignified and sustainable living. Matram's ultimate vision is to make a significant contribution toward the elimination of urban slums and rural poverty.

Our Vision

  • To work with and help the people in areas and times of National calamities.
  • India is the land where natural calamities visit often and without warning. Even with this record, the country does not have a rapid response team or supplies in place to tackle the aftermath of it. Maatram intends to bridge this gap by putting up a response team for sensitive areas.

  • Social and economic upliftment for underprivileged and downtrodden through Education, Shelter, Housing, Arranging and facilitating Short term, Long term Micro financial aids.
  • We intend to bridge the gap of inequity by providing education, shelter, housing and short term and long term micro financial aids to the poor. Only by aiding them towards becoming self-reliant can we truly achieve a revolutionary maatram socially and economically.

  • Self Employment schemes & Poverty alleviation.
  • Self-reliance is true independence. We help individuals become self reliant by providing them withskills and help them to find employment or a means to become self-employed.

  • Rehabilitation of Handicapped, Destitutes, Widows, Orphans, Geriatrics, Under privileged and Chronically ill patients (H.I.V / AIDS / Cancer / T.B.etc.)
  • To promote and organize self help groups for Men and Women.

  • Women Empowerment and Human Rights.
  • It's the 21st century and still no strides have been made in the field of women empowerment and human rights. Blame who you will but we who believe in immediate redress of wrongs done are already pushing for the empowerment of women and practice of respecting the basic human rights of oneself and others.

  • Abolition of child labour and Establishing child rights.
  • Poverty has bred a society where child labour flourishes. We see it everywhere. It is a sight so common that it goes unnoticed- even when it stares at us in the face. It is a dangerous thing- this point to which we have been led to- so insensitive that this everyday sight of little children shouldering the burden of an adult, at a time when their hands and feet and minds should be engaged in childhood fun, frolic and learning, evokes little or no response. We are trying to generate more awareness towards a social evil that should need no such effort but sadly does. We are trying to give life opportunities to these children trapped in the social circle of poverty, alcohol abuse and illiteracy. We are working in the field of child rights which is a larger umbrella and seeks to bring childhood within the reach of deprived children.

    Why Maatram?

    We holistically nurture the children and community by providing:

    • Locating bright and needy students from the rural areas and arranging to give them financial assistance for education.
    • Heart surgeries and other medical treatments
    • Youth Training in life skills and distant learning
    • Rural Development
    • Future Plans
    • Establishing hi-tech hospitals to help poor people
    • Establishing orphanages ashrams, old age homes
    • Establishing School and College for needy students
    • Poverty alleviation Programmes
    • Green revolution
    • Tribal welfare
    • Women Empowerment and Human Rights.
    • Abolition of child labour and Establishing child rights.